Weave: Aria Silk Max
Hand knotted blend of Tibetan wool, Chinese silk and natural nettle fibers


The shimmer of the South Seas floats through Bali, with its totemic designs evoking island idylls - an escape from a too-contemporary world. No details were spared in weaving this intricate piece. The fuchsia Tibetan wool background features a looped bouclé knot creating a distinct texture and also utilizes a special dyeing technique that layers darker and lighter tones to create a heathered effect. The motifs throughout are composed of varying fibers, from true 100% pure silk to our unique blend of wool, silk and nettle fibers which adds depth and shine from every perspective. The design elements feature tones of violet, ivory, blush, lilac, olive green and citron. This piece has been crafted by hand in our true 100 knot quality. color: Fuchsia